Why Camping?

Most people view camping as a reaction for people’s leisure time. Camping itself has its own benefits besides having fun and getting an opportunity to outdoor activities.

Benefits of Camping

  1. Camping helps switching from the pressures of modern life

Once you go for camping, you are relieved of your office duties, children as well forget their school life. Other house chores are dismissed for a while like cleaning the house and cleaning laundry.  Camping helps one to learn skills they’ve never learnt like collecting firewood in the woods, campfire cooking, roasting marshmallows, walking, starting campfire, tying knots, setting up tents and bike riding.

  1. Camping gives an opportunity to explore and imaginative play

Camping gives an opportunity to explore to a world outside your home and helps you discover new places and environment. In your camping you may encounter different climatic changes and changing weather patterns as well. As a scientific fact, when you’re in a different environment your brain thinking capacity is higher and hence you can imagine more. In your camping, it is  well to carry your most challenging task you encounter in your normal life so that you may try solving it in that serein environment where your attention is only on the solving the challenge like playing a guitar or violin. To the artist they can paint and draw there with 100% concentration without being distracted by anything.

  1. Camping reduces stress

According to therapists, camping outdoors actually helps in reducing stress. Once you’re out there camping, you forget most of your problems and are happy in a new environment. As the saying goes, ‘Out of sight out of mind’ whenever you’re not near to something that stressing you out then you tend to forget that it really existed. Camping helps you relieve off your stress by relaxing your mind and letting go of anything that is actually holding you back.

  1. Camping helps with problem solving

Problem solving doesn’t necessarily mean helping with the physical challenges but also with the mental ones. Physical challenges can be many including:  setting up tents, starting up campfires, cooking, roasting the marshmallows, folding your sleeping bag, folding your camp chair, reading and following the maps, bicycle riding and always tripping on your walk. With the help of others, one can learn by observing how the others actually do it or seek for assistance personally. Some mental challenges may include getting nightmares and fear of terror. A bedtime story and some cuddles can help solve the nightmare problem.

  1. Camping helps people work as a team

In camping you will always be required to work as a team. Hen setting up the tents you cannot do all that plus other task alone. In the team you learn new skills you never knew. There are activities you cannot do as an individual.  Camping alone is boring and one is prone to danger. Imagine camping alone in the thick woods full of bears and other deadly animals, sleeping alone in your tent and going for walks alone. When you camp as a team you can stay comfortably since each of you is the other’s eyes and you can defend each other whenever o are threatened by anything. During camping you solve your differences and can learn to coupe with each other. If a family goes for camping and they had misunderstandings earlier at home, it’s the camping activities they may regain their perfect relationship.

  1. Camping helps one try new foods

When camping you experience different amazing tastes of a variety of foods. In camping you’ll have to try out some new recipes for new foods because you usual diet cannot apply in the camp. Only light food can be cooked to utilize the limited supply of fuel. For those who’ve never tried roasted marshmallows you’ll get an opportunity to try them out.

  1. Camping helps one to connect and feel like part of the nature itself

From scientist being around nature can help reduce blood pressure and improve your focus. There some of us who feel content by only viewing the site of nature. Some even can get plants scent and feel fully satisfied by that fact. Camping offers many ultimate thrilling experiences like watching the stars at night, seeing the view of the ocean, the view of endless miles of woods and watching as the sun sets and dawning.

  1. Camping offers outdoor exercise which improves self-esteem

Some of us can’t exercise properly in our homes since most of the time we’re either busy at work or doing some hose chores. Gyms can’t be appropriate for us since our jobs take up most of our time. For the one’s seeking to lose weight but are afraid of exercising in public due to  people’s strange stares, camping walks and hiking will definitely be good for you. While Camping no one can question you on anything or stare at you weirdly. In fact while camping, your team will help you as you exercise and keep you psyched up. By so doing your self –esteem’s built slowly by slowly.

  1. Camping offers dramatic scenes which improves your mood

While out there camping there are dramatic events that makes you happy and improves your mood. Going for walks and tripping a couple of times is hilarious, passing by a waterfall and the misty droplets wipes over your face as you pass by. Going for walks and mistaken a passing team for a charging animal in the bush then start running away only to reach a point and realize how fearful you are. Hilarious isn’t it?

  1. Camping is cost-effective

If you actually compared the camping cost to that one of booking a room for a couple of days you’ll realize that camping is way cheaper than booking a room. Camping offers a variety of activities other than the luxuries hot bathtub showers, massages, cocktail and cozy beds.  In camping there are less restrictions other than in the restaurants. Campsite are cool and serein unlike having a next door roommate who plays loud music distracting you in your sleep.


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