What do I need to take camping?

Regardless of the number of times you’ve ever been on camping, a proper checklist is essential to make in order to have an effective planning and avoid leaving out on some of the essential items. Camping is just like all our everyday routine since we have to follow our diaries and carry our tools for our respective jobs. It is important to ensure that your checklist covers everything you’ll use and need for your camping. For car campers they carry more essentials.

10 Camping Essentials

  1. Tent

For all camping’s, a tent is always the number one item in the checklist. Camping tents are actually cool to sleep under. For safety from wind, scotching sun, rain, morning dew and insects from crawling in the tent. The setup for tents is easy and doesn’t require much besides tent poles, ropes and stakes. I’d also recommend a tent footprint for your tent to avoid direct contact with the ground which may sometimes be wet or dry and dusty.

  1. Sleeping Bag

Similar to beds at home sleeping bags should be comfortable as well to offer a tight sleep and relaxation. Since some of the camping nights may be chilly, a warm cozy sleeping bag could be preferable. Due to the land breeze, the land losses its heat at night hence it becomes cold mostly at night. A sleeping pad could be also appropriate if you prefer it. A camping pillow can be carried for a comfortable neck and head position since the place may not be leveled.

  1. Fire Starter

As we’re well aware of, a camp should have campfire at night for warmth. To start the fire, a lighter or a magnesium fire starter is needed. Carry two or more is better to ensure that even if one fail, the fair will still start by the others. Imagine staying in the cold tents without a campfire since the lighter failed to start the fire.

  1. Flashlight/Lantern/Head lamp

At night the lanterns light up the campsite and scare of animals. Flashlights can be used as whenever you want to view things which are at a distance. A lit place makes one comfortable and feel content since you can easily see what’s around you without straining. You can sleep well since your safety is assured by the lightings. If you’re planning on camping for long then rechargeable lamps will be appropriate to carry since they can be charged during the day.

  1. Water bottle

This is one of the most essential item which some people actually forget carrying. Carrying enough or a lot of water better to avoid running out of water. Running out of water without any other source of fresh water in an area you are not wee familiar with can be troublesome. All living things require water for their survival and one will be uncomfortable when they run out of water. A water cooler may be used to keep the water cool in the hot days.

  1. First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is important in the campsite in order to dress cuts and wounds. The First Aid Kit can save someone’s life if an accident occurs and they start bleeding profusely the cut can be wrapped before they get to the nearest hospital which may be miles away from their campsite.  Some scissors, cotton wool, gauze and emergency whistle must be present in the kit. You may include a mosquito repellent sine mosquitoes are not hard to come by. Sunscreens should also be carried to avoid the direct rays of sunlight from landing on your skin.

  1. Map and Compass

Maps and compass help you locate your current position whenever you lose tract of any landmark around. Preferably GPS location on or phone or car may be used. It is easy to get lost if you cannot trace any landmark around.

  1. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife has many uses in your campsite like:

  • Slicing sausages and bread
  • Trimming a stick
  • Trimming a rope
  • Tightening screw
  • Unwrapping packages
  • Trimming entangled leaves
  • Tent repair
  1. Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Camping can sometimes be tricky since you’re not aware of the weather pattern of the area you’re to camp. To avoid enduring cold nights with light clothes, it is advisable to carrying warm clothes in case you find stormy weather. Light weight raingears should be carried since the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. To ensure you don’t have to carry a lot of clothes a raingear is appropriate.

  1. Camp Kitchen and Kitchen

If you ever wonder how food is coked when people are camping, well food is prepared like any other home setting. Here are the things to include in your checklist:

  • Camp stove and Fuel

A Stove is used to cook. Ensure whatever you’re cooking isn’t hard to cook since you may be out of fuel if it is used much.

  • Water Jug

Water jugs are convenient in that they keep the water clean and prevent the misuse of water when everyone wants water but they spill from the water bottle as they serve it in their drinking glasses.

  • Knives and Chopping Boards

Knives are essential in the cutting of groceries and ingredients. Chopping boards simplify the cutting work.

  • Cooking and Serving Utensils

Cutlery and spatulas, tongs, ladles are used in the cooking. Mugs, plates, spoons and forks are carried for serving food in. Cooking pots for cooking and preparing some of your dishes.

  • Camping Table

A camping table can be used either when prepare food or when you’re eating and chatting. The camp table is deigned to be portable and it is actually easier to move around. You can also work on your laptop while placing your paper and equipment’s on it.

  • Camp Chairs

Camp chairs have man uses. You can opt to sit and watch the dawning sun. While taking meals around the camp table. While resting in the afternoon sun or at night when viewing the stars.









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