Things to do when camping

When it comes to camping people think that camping is just setting up tent, starting a campfire and later sleeping at the tents. Camping has many activities which one can undertake in. We have different camping activities for different places and according to the number of people.

Camping things to do in the woods

  1. Hike and explore the area

Hiking activities are fun especially when you are group. It makes people super active and improve their listening and sight senses since one needs to look carefully not to fall in a ditch or trip. You must also listen to even the tiniest sounds to alert you in case of danger.

  1. Hire a bike

While riding a bike it is fun and one can explore more covering a greater distance. For those who haven’t yet learnt riding you can practice and perfect it during your camp stay.

  1. Go for firewood fetching

It is very easy to fetch firewood since the woods offer firewood. The only challenge is to walk carefully and avoid force grabbing the firewood since it can tear up your hands.

  1. Set–up the campsite

Setting-up the campsite is the most interesting thing since people are usually eager and can’t wait to explore the campsite. It is usually thrilling offloading your camping gears of the vehicles.

  1. Play any game

Most people prefer playing in the campsite to divert fully their attention from the tight job issues and home issues. Playing eases the mind from overworking and relax a bit. You can play friendly matches to compete to see who’s actually better in the games.

  1. Go bird, sunset and sun dawning watching

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, so does it activities work. The earlier you are up the better view you’ll get and the more birds you’ll see. Birds are a bit shy but when you wake up early you’ll get them when they’re singing.

  1. Engage in what interest you most

For any artist out there in the camp, the wood may inspire you do draw or paint something great. The musicians can rehearse new songs at dawn when their vocals are still perfect. For the photographer the woods offer variety of views to take pictures from. The athletes can go for their morning runs at dawn hen hey are still energetic.

  1. Meditation on mats doing yoga

Imagine your yoga meditation on a serein place where you can even smell the air you breathe and hear your heart beating and read your own thoughts as they are yet to be decided.

  1. Climbing trees

Climbing trees in the wood is actually fun but a caution is taken to first check where you are in order not to be attacked by hungry roaming bears.

Camping things to do on the beach/lake

  1. Go for swimming

Swimming can be fun at the afternoon when the water is warm and there’s a low tide and when the waves are not that powerful. In the lake after a hot sun bathing to cool refreshing water in the lake.

  1. Go fishing

For fresh water lakes, you can try fishing to check whether there are any fish in the lake. Fishing can be exciting especially on a yatch.

  1. Sun bathe

When the sun is not too hot it’s good to sun bathe to improve your vitamin D in your body. Sunbathing while on a sunscreen is amazing.

  1. Play volleyball on the sand

There’s nothing that actually hits hard on the beach then a good volley ball game with psyched people.

  1. Blowing bubbles

People think that bubbles blowing me childish but according to professional therapists, it actually helps you let go of the things that may be troubling you.

  1. Skiing

For those who have always wanted to ty skiing and you get an opportunity to ski on your camping trip.

Camping things to do at night

  1. Start a campfire

Campfires are usual warm and safe since he keep off wild animals from attacking.  Imagine freezing in the cold tents after taking your diner. There at the fire you can share stories, experience, sing songs, toast some drinks, play instruments, dance around the fire, smoke some weed and roast marshmallows.

  1. Play campfire charades

Campfire charades games are of both kids and adults. There are a variety of charade games played on camps.

  1. Cook mouth-watery food

At camps one gets to try out foods that aren’t actually cooked at the house menus and restaurants. When camping only light food is cooked and it good to try out new recipes.

  1. Play truth or dare

This game is normally loved by teens and youths. It is interesting but should have caution whenever in the woods.

  1. Watch the skies while counting the number of stars.

Lying on your camping pillow and viewing the beauty of the sky at night is the most satisfying feeling ever. Counting the number of stars distracts you from the reality to a heavenly feeling.

  1. Romantic night-walks

For couples or teens who are in love, a romantic night-walk would be absolutely perfect for them.  For their privacy to share out their feelings, it is advisable for them to go for the walk.

Camping things to do in the tent

  1. Read bedtime stories for kids

To reassure the kids of their safety a good bedtime story will actually do. The kids can overcome their fear of nightmares.

  1. Play cards

Many people like playing cards, poker to actually see who has the best IQ. Playing cards is actually fun especially when you bet on an amount.

  1. Watch a movie/series from a portable device

Late night movies in your tent actually hit. When you’re about to be carried away by the sleep and you’re watching maybe an animation is the best feeling ever.

  1. Enjoy me time

Some of us lack private time to our self. When we lie is the best time to review our decision made during the day and plan on the following day’s events.


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