Tentsile Stingray

Camping with tentsile tree tents is an entirely new experience.

Hammocks offer the freedom and comfort of a traditional hammock, while tents offer comfort and protection.

Tentsile’s Stingray is the company’s flagship product and can accommodate three adults and their gear (or a young family of four).

Stingray has made significant progress since its inception, and some of the issues that plagued it in its earlier models have been mainly resolved.

But is it worth it?

Here are the results of the abuse we’ve given our Stingray. However, it is true, it is true.

Before getting into the details, let’s look at a few basics.

The Tentsile Stingray tent comes with everything you need to set it up. It will look something like this when it’s done:



  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Free USA and EU shipping
  • Warranty of 3 years

Every tree tent that the organization sells is also planted with 20 trees. So, in other words, if you need ANY reason for purchasing a Stingray, saving the environment is the best one!

Stingray 3.0 has undergone a significant overhaul, and some of the major defects found in previous generations have been eliminated.

Start with the stitching and materials used. They are superior by a long shot.

In contrast to our previous generation Stingray, this version did not have any rips, tears, or holes after some heavy use.

The 3.0 also includes the following cool features:

The ground conversion kits allow you to pitch your tent in the trees or on the ground.

  • Classic (non-Safari) rain flies have been upgraded to 5,000HH waterproofing, and Safari model rain flies have been upgraded to 8,000HH waterproofing.
  • Detachable underfloor storage nets have been added.
  • There are now zippable pockets to store smaller items such as phones.
  • Each tent includes zero-footprint, felt tree protector wraps that protect the delicate bark of some tree species.
  • Adding cross ventilation to your poles with cutting-edge mesh sleeves.

Setup is easy

Tentsile StingrayAt first glance, the Stingray may seem complicated or time-consuming to set up, but once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s pretty simple.

There is a detailed instruction manual with pictures that illustrate each step of the process.

Stingray’s setup can be done from start to finish by one person in 15 minutes.

Using the provided ratchets, how far can you be from trees?

Ratchets are provided so that you can reach the trees from around 5-6 meters away.

Is the triangle between the trees required?

Not at all! It facilitates putting the tent in the centre, but the trees do not have to be perfectly triangle-shaped.

Adjustable straps allow the straps to work between trees positioned differently.

Dimensions, weight, and capacity

This platform weighs in at 11.1 kilograms/24.4 pounds, folds up to 25.5 x 8.6 x 11.8 inches (in the provided carry bag), and has a maximum weight rating of 400 kilograms/880 pounds.

It uses a patented design that uses seatbelt webbing for added strength and tension.

There is a total of 28 square feet of floor space: feet (without the ground-to-ground conversion stack) and a peak height of 4 ft.


The Stingray’s three-point anchor system ensures a tight base, perfect for getting comfortable.

Although it’s taut enough to allow you to sleep in a position that’s comfortable for you, it has just enough given to hug and cushion you as you sleep.

Individual sleeping bays are provided for each individual in the Stingray tent, thanks to the unique design.

No matter what weight difference there is, the tent stays upright despite everyone’s body size.

Using the underfloor straps, you’ll avoid having individuals roll towards the heaviest person in the tent because they balance out weight differences.

The only time we noticed its failure was when it was tested on very young children.

Although it works exceptionally well for adults and even teens, young kids didn’t seem to be able to sink into their bay enough to prevent rolling into the middle.

In addition, the additional storage pockets inside and beneath the Stingray provide a little more comfort. Shoes and damp clothes can be stored under the hammock, while phones, glasses, and reading materials can be kept inside the interior pockets.

Does the hammock get cold underneath like a standard hammock?

During the winter and when it is colder, you will feel the same amount of cold coming from the base as if you were sleeping in a hammock.

In other words, it can get icy underneath your tent if you are not prepared or expecting the cold air that does blow underneath.

Sleeping on a mattress pad for extra warmth is something we do every night. Tentsile has developed a specialized sleeping pad called the Sky-pad that has been designed in partnership with a leading camping mattress manufacturer, Klymit, and it is both warm and comfortable. You feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds when you do this.

If you buy one for each bay, you can clip them together for even more stability.

Is the Stingray suitable for four seasons?

Definitely! The Stingray is best suited for all seasons, except for the Arctic Circle winter. In the winter months, you would need an insulated sleeping pad and a hot sleeping bag. In addition to having an insulation R-value of 4, the Sky-pad mentioned above is suitable for winter use.

Is it possible to sleep dogs inside the Stingray?

That’s the last and most important question. Definitely, we were able to take our 100lb labrador inside with no problems. It is essential that you do not hang the tent too high so that it is safe. When your dog would not enjoy being up off the ground, you can always use one of Tentsile’s ground conversion kits to set up your Stingray on the ground.

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