How to keep scorpions away while camping

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature.

It’s also a chance to see some of nature’s most amazing creatures, such as scorpions!

Don’t worry about not being able to sleep because of these terrifying creatures!

We have a few suggestions to help you avoid them while camping.

What you can do to keep scorpions away while camping

One of the last things you want to be concerned about while camping is scorpions invading your space.

Although they appear to be harmless, these critters can sting you if you are not careful.

When camping in scorpion-infested areas, it is critical to take precautions to avoid being stung.

Here are seven tips for keeping scorpions away:

  1. When walking around camp at night, wear shoes and long pants. This will help keep stings away from your feet and legs.
  2. Double-check that your tent is securely closed. Scorpions have been known to crawl into sleeping bags, so shake it out before crawling inside each night.
  3. Keep food in plastic containers and store them in the car when you’re done eating for the day. Scorpions are unable to climb smooth surfaces, so placing them on a car roof will keep them away from your campsite.
  4. When you’re not using the tent, don’t leave any lights on. Scorpions are drawn to insects that are drawn to light, so turning off all of the lights in your tent at night will make it less appealing to them.
  5. If you see a scorpion near your camp, spray it with insecticide to kill it. On Amazon, we recommend the Cedarcide Scorpion Shield Spray.
  6. Before going to bed each night, inspect your bedding and clothing for scorpions. If you come across a scorpion, kill it right away.
  7. Think about using a camping tent with a screened-in porch or roof. This will keep scorpions away from your tent.

Do lights keep scorpions at bay?

It’s a common misconception that turning on lights keeps scorpions at bay.

Lights attract insects such as crickets, which scorpions feed on, so turning off your lights will prevent unwanted insects and thus unwanted scorpions!

However, there are some simple ways to keep scorpions out of your space so you can enjoy a scorpion-free camping trip.

One of the most effective scorpion repellents is to keep a tin can or an aluminum pie plate full of water near your tent.

The sound of falling water acts as a natural alarm, scaring scorpions away and directing them to another area.

Is it possible for scorpions to crawl in sleeping bags?

Scorpions prefer to hide in dark places during the day.

They love hiding in your sleeping bag or clothes and shoes left on the floor.

If you are concerned about scorpions in your campsite, do not leave your sleeping bag or clothes on the floor of your tent during the day.

If you are concerned about the possibility of a scorpion in your sleeping bag, shake it out before climbing in and check around the zippers just in case.

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