How much Does Camping Gears Cost?

 How much Does Camping Gears Cost?

Planning on camping for a first timer is stressing since you actually have no need of the actual cost of the camping items. For camping beginners, they require to buy everything. You may think that buying all that without a summary of the prices of each. The challenge in camping comes once when you have to buy many things otherwise, camping is way cheaper than booking rooms in hotels. Camping gear may be bought or hired but in all money is involved. I prefer buying since occurs once unlike hiring the gear.   The total may actually differ by values depending on the quality of the products you are to buy.  In this case I’ll help you sum up your products prices to get the total cost. I will list some camping gears essential for your camping.

 Essential Camping Gears

  1. Coleman Rainfly Accessory for Instant Tent-$35.99

The tent is strong offer protection from strong winds and rain. It can accommodate six people at maximum. It has an easy set-up and take-down as well. It allows free air flow through the open windows designed.  It has warrant of a year.

The Coleman tent has a Coleman tent kit that helps you to easily set-up the tent.


  1. Eccopro Warm Weather Sleeping Bag-$28.99

It is portable, waterproof and weatherproof which makes it comfortable and durable. It is made of a nylon lining which keeps the temperature from 55 to 60o. It is multi-versatile meaning during the warm seasons, the inner lining can be removed. It is lightweight hence easy to roll up into the carrying sack and compress it.


  1. AllynX Ultra-light Inflatable Camping Pillow-$12.99

As the name suggests, it is inflatable which is super easy to inflate. Once you hold it, it becomes small increasing its portability. It is highly durable since it is made up of an elastic TPU fabric which boasts its water resistance. Its fashion is unique unlike other pillows and has stylish colours.


  1. Youtian Portable Camping Stove-$23.99

It is easy to use and also to ignite. Its maintenance is cheap since it is easy to clean. It is portable and powered by a gas stove that fits. The gas burner has wind shelter and minimizes light reflection outdoor. It has a safety lock equipped automatically shut off.


  1. Favorbrite Rechargeable Camping Lantern-$19.99

It can either switch to dim light or high brightness; your choice of brightness can be adjusted easily. It is light ad portable to move around with. You can either choose to hang it or place it on the ground. It is made of bronze which gives it a vintage high-quality. It can be recharged easily as well as charging other appliances. It can act as a power bank.


  1. Coleman 16-Quarts Cooler-$21.14

It is portable and lightweight. It is easy to clean due to its smooth surface. It has a temperature lock insulation that keeps the ice cold. It holds a high capacity of water.


  1. Aquafit Water Bottle-$27.99

It can hold up-to 1 gallon of water. The water bottles come in different colours. It is made of a quality food grade eco-friendly re-useable co-polyester which is toxin free and odor free as well. It is designed with a secure lock which makes it dust and leak proof.


  1. MalloMe Camping Cookware-$19.99

The products are of high quality and hat is conducted quickly all-over the aluminum cooking ports. It is easy to clean and store in one small bundle for easy control and handling. The MalloMe cookware kit includes: aluminum non-tick pot, pot cover, non-stick pan, 2 bowls, folding stainless steel Spork, soup spoon, wooden spoon spatula, cleaning sponge and nylon travel bag drawstring pouch.


  1. Garmin 010 Handheld GPS Navigator-$94.95

It is easy to use since it is simple on the screen menus and accommodates maps. It helps drivers and alert them whenever they turn to a wrong direction. The maps in the GPS upgrade themselves free for lifetime.


  1. Davemed First Aid Kit- $27.99

The First Aid Kit is designed for 2. It is completely paced w 1 pieces of refill supplies and additional 35 pieces small First Aid Kit. It is light-weight and portable. The kit is durable due to its multi-purpose pouch which is equipped for emergencies rescue anywhere.


  1. Coleman Broadband Mesh Camping Chair-$24.99

The Coleman Camping Chair is ideal its portability and lightweight.  It is easily foldable d to its unique design. It has arm rest cup holders to keep your drink closer to you. It offers a backrest made of nylon enhancing its comfortability. It has a carrying bag for easy transport and storage.


  1. Moon Lence Camping Table-$ 19.99

The Moon Lence Camping Table is both lightweight and portable. It can be folded to a small size which can fit in the car and be stored as well. The Moon Lence Table is designed to fold even the table plate unlike the other camping tables. It is easy to assemble and disassemble into a carrying bag which is convenient to travel with anywhere. It has a perfect height and size for holding drinks, snacks and served food. The table can also support a laptop whenever you want to work on it during you camping.


  1. UCO Waterproof Match case and 2 Replaceable Strikers-$2.95

The waterproof case soaks and dry up protecting the match sticks in the case. It is designed as a cylinder with a vertical ribbing grip to ensure no water passes through. The match case can accommodate a total of at least 40 matches. It can fit UCO stormproof matches as well as other brands of matches. The strikers can be replaced whenever they wear out.


  1. Waterproof and Windproof Gas Lighter-$8.99

It is waterproof since it is made of butane with a rubber seal and safety lock. It is windproof since it has a high pressure jet flame with a high temperature which resist the wind effect on it. The gas lighter can be refilled repeatedly as well as adjusting the flame. It is light-weight, durable and portable.


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