Best Sleeping Mat for Car Camping

If you are an experienced camper, then you know that a good night sleep can give you a much-required boost for the next day. But there is no better way to experience maximum comfort outdoors than with Best Sleeping Mat for Car Camping designed to cushion you on the bare ground.

If you are looking to enjoy your night under the stars on a comfortable surface, then you are at the right place, for we will be reviewing the best sleeping mat for car camping available in the market.

And because this is about transporting mat in the car, we will focus more on comfort instead of weight, and that is why you will either get very wide or very thick mats in our list.

If you have a car, you will probably have a bigger tent and not some claustrophobic bivy shelter; we assure you that these mats will fit and you will experience the best comfort. Let’s get started.


ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air BedWe talk of a sleeping pad equipped with a coil structure, rechargeable pump, and excellent price tag when we talk of ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed.

It is an inflatable sleeping pad with inner coils that make it a very stable, solid and comfortable sleeping surface. It’s ideal to know that such designs are great since bouncing is reduced to a minimum compared to most inflatable pads with long baffles.

ALPS is designed to accommodate up to two people, meaning your partner’s movement will not disturb you much.

As we have said that this is an inflatable pad, it’s advisable to use a pump, including the pump, during packaging. Additionally, it has its internal rechargeable battery meaning you charge, plugs it into a wall power source or even uses the car charger. Also, note that inflating takes 3-4 minutes only.

When you need to deflate the pad, it’s even easier because you use the pump, and it will take you around a minute or so.

Its valve is located on the side; we know this is an unusual position though the valve is designed to fit most attachment elements.

The dimensions of this sleeping pad are excellent, and it’s large enough for two people. Its measurement is 80 by 56 inches. But the best feature is its enormous thickness of just 6 inches, making it suitable for any sleepers, side sleepers included.


  • It’s huge
  • Incredibly thick
  • It is an inflatable pad
  • It’s very stable and supportive
  • It comes with a great price tag


  • It’s very thick
  • Supportive
  • Great packed size
  • Affordable price




Camel Crown Camping Sleeping Pad

Camel Crown Camping Sleeping PadCamel crown camping sleeping pad is all about self-inflating and has an R-value of 2, making it suitable for 2-season camping. When we talk about self-inflating, it’s enabled by rectangular par filled with open-cell foam, thus giving it the ability to self inflate.

Manufacturers of this sleeping pad used polyester fabric and PVC lining that gives it the ability to resist water with the IPX3 factor. Additionally, this sleeping pad is made with a quick-drying and moisture-proof material, making it an excellent option for a humid environment.

More to its great feature, this sleeping pad also comes with an inflatable pillow, so you will not require a separate pillow with it.

When it comes to packing, you need to open the valve and, after that, roll it. Please note that you can fold it first to half-width, then press it with your knee as you roll it.

In case it is not fully deflated, please repeat the process, i.e. first close the valve, spread it and fold again until you notice air accumulating on the opposite end around the valve. At this time, open the valve so that the compressed air goes away. Kindly keep rolling and pressing, then close the valve and you are done.

This sleeping pad weighs 5.07 lb, making it a bit heavy to carry on the trail. Additionally, the packed size measures 14.6 by 12.2 inches, so this is not bad, and if you accept it as your camping pad, it’s not that essential to consider it.

Manufacturer of it build it in one size; thus, it’s quite long and a bit wide, it measures 78 by 24.8 inches. Its thickness is less impressive, i.e. 2 inches, but this is quite normal for many camping pads.


  • It’s self-inflating
  • It is insulated
  • Waterproof fabric
  • It comes with an inflatable pillow
  • It also comes with a carry bag
  • Affordable


  • Bonus pillow
  • It has waterproof fabric
  • Affordable price tag


  • It’s only for two seasons



Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow

Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with PillowThe Coleman self-inflating pad with pillow is an easy to use camping mat with an incredible price tag and a reliable one. When we talk of self-inflating, we mean it has foam inside that gives it the ability to do so. Then, when you want to use it, open the valve and spread the pad on the ground.

This sleeping pad comes with an integrated pillow which needs to be inflated separately. But if you don’t want to use the pillow, it’s ok, though; it will make the pad shorter, around 180cm.

Though having this pillow is excellent since you don’t have to carry a separate one, let’s say you want more head support, then it’s allowed for you to add a small pillow.

Though there is no information about its R-value, we are sure that the foam inside with air will provide some insulation, but you can only guess how much.

It is made of 100 per cent polyester, and the foam inside appears to have been made of polyurethane. If you are not familiar with such pads, when you want to pack it, open the valve and start to roll it from one side, keeping it compressed all the time. Lastly, close the valve and fix the straps. It’s important to note that this sleeping pad doesn’t come with a carry bag.

The manufacture of this pad build it in one size only; thus, you have 76 by 25 inches. This means most of the sleeping pads are made like it.

It features 2.5 inches meaning that it’s good enough in case you sleep on your back, but for side sleepers, it may be challenging. Additionally, it weighs 6.4 lb, and its dimensions are 26 by 6 inches when packed. It is both heavy and bulky, meaning you might dislike carrying it anywhere.


  • It is self-inflating
  • It’s reliable
  • It comes with an inflatable pillow


  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • It comes with an integrated pillow


  • It’s heavy



Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping PadAre you looking for a sleeping pad for car camping? Then this might be what you are looking for. The number 10 here means its thickness in centimetres; that is, you have 3.9 inches of soft and comfortable insulation under you.

It’s tagged as ‘DUO’, meaning it has a double-wide nature, i.e. it’s a huge pad with the dimensions of 77.6 by 52 inches.

Its R-value is 9.5, making the pad suitable for temperatures as low as -48 degrees. This makes this pad suitable for any environment. Additionally, it insulates you from the ground, but this does not imply it will heat you, but the fact is that it is meant to be used in all seasons.

It is ideal for any outdoor activity where you cannot carry it for a long distance. This is because it’s quite heavy as it weighs 10.2 lb. Thus it’s for regular camping but for places that are motorised accessible. Also, note that this sleeping pad can be used by two adults or just a single person who wants exceptional comfort in the camp.

Please note that the length of a larger version is 77.6 inches meaning it is suitable for even taller people. Additionally, it has memory foam inside, so it accommodates the body nicely. Its surface fabric is stretchy TPU laminated material, same on both sides.

When you get it, you will notice that its carry bag is huge and sidewinder, so packing the pad in the bag is not an issue and that there is more space for even two pads of the same size.

This sleeping pad comes with a mini pump, and this might surprise you but note that it is not supposed to inflate the pad from the beginning as the pad will self-inflate in 10 to 15 minutes. The mini pump is only used to add some extra air in.

Additionally, there are two valves, i.e. separate for inflation and deflation. Note that deflate valve is larger, and you will need it due to the volume of air you have inside.


  • It’s incredibly comfortable
  • Has huge dimensions
  • Self-inflating
  • Mini-pump is included
  • It is built in two sizes, i.e. medium and long-wide


  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Great quality
  • Remarkably durable yet pleasant materials
  • Significant inflation and deflation system


  • Heavy
  • A bit expensive



Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping Pad

Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping PadIf you are looking for comfort and protection, then the Klymit static v luxe sleeping pad is for you. It’s all seasons pad due to its Primaloft insulation and unique body mapping technology design.

It’s an inflatable and insulated rectangular pad that comes with klymit’s unique design and Primaloft insulation, and as its name suggests, it’s extensive and quite long.

The first thing you will notice differences in size are those V-chambers that help trap air and keep you warm.

Additionally, this sleeping pad has short horizontal side baffles, which are meant to keep you situated on your pad, and they also give some flexibility if you use this pad in a sleeve of a sleeping bag. This pad also inhibits air movement while tossing and turning.

This sleeping pad inflates within 20 to 30 breaths, and for this, it’s equipped with the twist-pull valve system in place and not only one valve but two, which you can open both during inflation. Additionally, this valve can be used by two people at the same time to inflate the pad. This valve allows for easy inflation, and it opens wide for rapid deflation.

To inflate, you have to twist the valve and pull on it, and when you do this, you will hear the air getting out, meaning this is not a one-way system like the one you have in most exped pads, and you will have to counteract the air with your lungs or to use the push-pull feature to close it to take breaks.

It’s made of durable materials, i.e. not less than 75D polyester. The word Eco here implies that it includes 60 per cent of the recycled materials in its production.

The Primaloft insulation is known for managing moisture well as it absorbs water just a couple of per cent of its weight. The good thing is that it dries quickly, and it also retains its insulation feature even when it becomes wet.


  • Insulated
  • It has an R-value of 4.4
  • It has luxe size
  • It has a great price


  • Very durable
  • It has a great R-value
  • It’s suitable for all seasons
  • It’s very comfortable
  • Affordable


  • It is heavy
  • No options to choose the length.


Buyers Guide for Best Sleeping Mat for Car Camping

1.       R-value and Insulation

When we talk about R-value, we mean measuring the pad’s capacity to resist the flow of heat. A mat with a higher R-value will offer you good protection from cold surfaces. Most manufacturers will indicate the R-value or the heat range, and you can use its value to gauge the suitability of the mat as per the climatic conditions of your camping area.

2.       Weight

Were recommend to use an ultralight sleeping mat due to its portability features hence best for backpacking trips. To get the best lightweight pads, consider looking at the tapered shape that packs smaller by reducing volume or a closed-cell foam sleeping pad with short lengths.

3.       Length and width

For a better sleeping pad, you should fit your hips and shoulder on the sleeping pad. Note that regular sleeping pads are about 72 inches long, but some stretch out to 78 inches. However, shorter mats are recommended for winter camping because you will need extra clothing to insulate your legs and feet. Most mats allow up to 20 inches with though there are pads larger of up to 30 inches wide meant for larger people.

4.       Inflation style

Most sleeping mats feature high volume inflation and deflation valves; others have a bigger opening that facilitates faster inflation with fewer breaths. Please look out for sleeping mats with separate inflation layers so you can still use the pad even in conditions where one chamber has failed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What is a loft pocket, and how does it work?

Loft pockets are voids that are strategically placed in the body of the pad to allow your sleeping mat to expand in this space for optimum thermal benefits.

This design is essential for people camping in colder regions as well as provide comfort.

2.       Is it ok to use the sleeping pad inside a sleeping bag?

Most people do it without damaging the bag, so yes, one of the benefits you could get is maximum insulation. The good news is that restless and side sleepers can also enjoy the fact that the mat limits your movement inside the sleeping bag.

 Wrap up

We appreciate your effort to go through the top best sleeping pads you can have during your next car camping. Kindly consider sleeping pads that feature R-value, superior quality as well as provides you with comfort. We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide; if so, please feel free to share it with your friends or even family members.

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